i like it when you're under the ocean and all you can feel is calm.

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Anonymous asked: Dear Rhianna, after Easter break I had to go back to school today, through it was a good day, I was talking with ym friends all the time, so it passed so easily. Good luck with your homework, I haven`t got many hw, but lots of stuff to study. Today I realized that I`m leaving high school in 5months, it`s so scary! Your traditions sounds lovely, there it`s not that peaceful. Boys splash some water on girls on Easter Monday for chocolade, money or alcohol, >>>

»> (it`s said that thanks to this we are pretty, but it`s a lie :P) I hate this custom, cause boys never skimp water, also I`m totally wet and have to change my clothes, haha! How was your day? Love always, Veronika:)

dear veronika, wow that’s such a cool tradition! not as good as all the chocolate i got though haha :) aw i’m glad you had a good day! yeah i’ve got rather a lot of art to do and revision for my exams which are less than a month away now! but it’ll be okay :) my day today was good, i had my art exam which is basically just a day of doing art! i hope you’re having a good day, love always, rhianna xx

skelliwog asked: please dont tell me you are tumblring in your exam omfg